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Kuvings is a leading kitchen appliance brand, loved by health conscious people throughout over 80 countries since 1978. Juicers, blenders, grinders, extractors and more – the highest quality appliances that make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious.

Kuvings is a combination of the German word for “kitchen” and the word “living.” It encompasses what Kuvings represents, because as a global brand, we strive to improve kitchen life with better, more functional, and innovative products.

The Fresh Press is proud to be the exclusive distributor and service agent for Kuvings throughout Southern Africa. We are South Africa’s premium supplier and specialist in domestic, commercial and industrial juicing equipment.

Why Cold Pressed?

Kuvings juicers offer added benefits to your every juice with its uniquely patented cold pressed technology.

More Kuvings Benefits

Retains 4 times more vitamins.
Uses patented environmentally friendly materials.
Quiet operation at 40 decibels.
Easy and intuitive to use.
Wide neck allows for whole fruits & veg to be loaded reducing oxidation and preserving nutrients.
Easy to clean with patented, specialised strainer brushes.

Kuvings Cold Press Juicers are also called

Whole Slow Juicer
Masticating Juicer
Auger Juicer

Cold Pressed or Centrifugal?


Extract juice by pressing/squeezing the fruits and vegetables,
preventing oxidation and heat in juice. As a result, juice deteriorates slower.


Uses fast spinning metal blades to break fruit and vegetables apart.
This results in immediate oxidation of juice and increase in temperature, causing juice to deteriorate quickly.


Kuvings Juicers operate at a low of 60 RPM (rotations per minute).
This eliminates heat and friction, resulting in more naturally occuring nutrients and living enzymes as found in actual fruit and vegetables.
Living enzymes are necessary for optimal health in the body.


Varies from 1000 – 4 500 RPM (rotations per minute). Heat produced by machine rotation of blades decreases enzyme activity & nutritional content in the juice.


Can be stored up to 96 hours in the refrigerator, Ideal for freezing.


Immediate consumption. Storing juice is not recommended due to quick oxidation, resulting in loss of useful properties. Freezing not ideal. If frozen immediately after juicing, oxidation may take place quickly during the defrosting process.


Juice breaks down slower.
More juice! 20-30% more juice from the same fruits and veg, meaning less waste!


Juice breaks down quickly. Juice seperates within minutes of extraction.

Awards & Patents:

Kuvings Patented Technology
Kuvings International Design Awards
Kuvings Technology Patents

“First cold press juicer.”

We have borrowed high rpm "traditional" juicers and this thing is light years ahead of any of them. The amount of juice that is extracted is impressive and the pulp is very dry coming off the side. The second thing that I did not expect was the creamy taste of the freshly pressed juice. Most juices are concentrated enough that you can add water. Cleaning is a breeze because the fruit was not rasped at high speed with fibers all over. Very happy with our purchase. The unit is heavy though indicating a proper motor underneath the hood.

Anonymous - Kuvings B1700

“This product is truly amazing.”

This juicer is fantastic. It is very easy to use, and the cleaning of the juicer is a breeze. It has a quiet motor and extracts the juice brilliantly. A really great product.

Jessica E - Kuvings B1700

“This product is amazing.”

A wonderful product, I juice for 2 to 3 people every morning and just love this juicer.

Gill S - Kuvings B1700

Powerful machine. The wide feeding tube works very well. Great product. Worth the price. Cleaning is easy.

Joan -  Kuvings EVO820

This one gets a 5 star!! Crunches all the good stuff out. It's easy to clean.

Anonymous - Kuvings B1700

Fantastic machine that has changed my life. How have I lived without it?

Marina - Kuvings B1700