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Yellow food, sweet potato!

Make a delicious, aromatic latte with sweet potatoes, milk and whipped cream which can be easily bought in stores. It is a nutritious meal for your well-being, a snack for children and a simple meal in the early morning.

2 sweet potatoes,
Milk (400ml),
Water (160ml),
1 tablespoon of whipped cream,
Honey or oligosaccharide,
Cinnamon powder

1 Boil sweet potatoes thoroughly in a heat-resistant pot of water and cut them into suitable sizes.
2 Fix the blade in the container and put the sweet potatoes, milk, water, whipped cream, honey or oligosaccharide in the container. Turn the dial to MIN for blending. Set the number of times for blending depending on the preferred texture.
3 Put the blended ingredients in a pot and boil gently over medium heat.
4 Pour the boiled ingredients in a cup and sprinkle some cinnamon powder.
5 Add honey or oligosaccharide to your taste.


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