June 18, 2024

Regardless of your model, the parts that make up your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer are pretty much the same. The order in which you put them together is listed below:

Assemble the juicer correctly by following the red/white dot system:

  1. Unpack all parts in the box and put them on an open surface.
  2. Place the base of the juicer near a power point ready for use.
  3. Kuvings B1700 only: Check under the juicing bowl and ensure rubber seal is sealed.
  4. Place the juicing bowl on the base of the juicer and ensure it clicks comfortably in place – pulp outlet to the left, juice outlet to the front.
  5. Take the strainer and put it in to the rotation wiper. Give the rotation wiper a turn or two so it can turn easily.
  6. Place the rotation wiper and strainer in the juicing bowl, matching the red/white dots. Make sure it clicks comfortably in place.
  7. Take the juicing screw and place it in the middle of the strainer. Allow it to drop in naturally. Gently push it down to make sure it clicks in place. If it does not go all the way down turn it slightly and push down gently, until it clicks in place.
  8. Place the drum lid on the juicer bowl to match the red dot and click/turn it to the left to lock it in.
  9. Plug in your juicer at the power point and turn the juicer on by pressing the power button on the side of the base.
  10. For safety reasons all the parts need to follow the white/red dot system. The juicer will not switch on if all parts are not correctly assembled.