June 19, 2024
  • You may have run the motor for over 30/45 minutes and need to wait 10 minutes for it to cool down before juicing again.
  • Place the motor in a cool temperature area.
  • Too many fruit or vegetables in the juice bowl may overload or over-heat the motor.
  • Wait 10 minutes until the appliance is cooled down to use it again. Put each piece of fruit or vegetable in one by one.
  • Check if any produce is clogged in the juicing screw. Press the reverse button on the side of the base to unclog produce or remove screw and excess pulp. If severely clogged, rinse and place parts back to start
  • juicing again. Ensure all parts are correctly assembled before use.
  • Remove hard or large seeds/pips from fruit or vegetables before use to avoid breaking the juicing screw.
  • If the motor does not start contact our team at sales@kuvings.co.za or on our Whatsapp Question/Repair Line at 081 4444 503.