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Kuvings Rotisserie Drum


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The Rolling Cage offers 360-degree rotatable heating for evenly cooked and more delicious food when using our Kuvings Air Fryer Oven. The Rolling Cage can be used for popcorn, roasting nuts, French fries, chicken wings, vegetables, etc. The tumbling motion means that every side of the food that’s being cooked gets hit by heat, leading to a crisper and more even final product without the use of additional oil or deep frying.

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“First cold press juicer.”

We have borrowed high rpm "traditional" juicers and this thing is light years ahead of any of them. The amount of juice that is extracted is impressive and the pulp is very dry coming off the side. The second thing that I did not expect was the creamy taste of the freshly pressed juice. Most juices are concentrated enough that you can add water. Cleaning is a breeze because the fruit was not rasped at high speed with fibers all over. Very happy with our purchase. The unit is heavy though indicating a proper motor underneath the hood.

Anonymous - Kuvings B1700

“This product is truly amazing.”

This juicer is fantastic. It is very easy to use, and the cleaning of the juicer is a breeze. It has a quiet motor and extracts the juice brilliantly. A really great product.

Jessica E - Kuvings B1700

“This product is amazing.”

A wonderful product, I juice for 2 to 3 people every morning and just love this juicer.

Gill S - Kuvings B1700

Powerful machine. The wide feeding tube works very well. Great product. Worth the price. Cleaning is easy.

Joan -  Kuvings EVO820

This one gets a 5 star!! Crunches all the good stuff out. It's easy to clean.

Anonymous - Kuvings B1700

Fantastic machine that has changed my life. How have I lived without it?

Marina - Kuvings B1700