Juices, Shots May 14, 2024

Immune Shot


  • 6 oranges or lemons
  • 5x 5cm thumbs of ginger


Peel the oranges or lemons and wash (or peel) the ginger. Cut the ginger pieces in three – to ensure that it feeds smoothly through the juicer. One by one, slowly add whole oranges (or lemons) and pieces of ginger in the feeding chute, keeping the smart cap closed to allow the juice to mix in the juicing bowl. Once all is juiced, open the smart cap. Pour in a shot glass or shot bottle*. Now you are on your way to a happy, healthy day!

*Storage: Freezing these immediately is ideal to keep your juice-shot fresh.

3x servings, depending on the size and freshness of ingredients.

Recipe and photography by @karenmeyercreative + photography @lifeinthesouth